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Innocent Man

Assalamualaikum and hello! Has anyone watched Innocent Man yet? If you haven’t I would really, really recommend this K-drama. The actors are 9/10, storyline 8/10, and ending 9.5/10 (merely based on my own opinion).
Basically, based on the synopsis of the drama, Innocent Man (Nice Guy), Maru (Song JoongKi) was boyfriend girlfriend with JaeHee (Park SiYeon) and one day, little miss JaeHee ‘accidently’ killed some important guy from some important company and asked for poor mister Maru’s help. So Maru, the loving boyfriend went to the rescue and left Choco (Lee YuBi) his little sister who was/currently down with the fever at home under his best friend’s care, JaeGil (Lee KwangSoo). So, after the talking and persuading, Maru took the blame and went to jail for 5 years. A lot changed and guess what happened to JaeHee, she became the wife of a rich CEO/Director.
The story is mainly about getting revenge after being dumped and using a poor girl in the process. The ending was something I did no…

TONYMOLY Latte Art Milk-Tea Morning Pack

Assalamualaikum, and hello! It’s another wonderful day. I’m very thankful to Allah for letting me live another day with my loved ones. Okay, the post for today is about this Tony Moly product my sister bought last month or was it the month before? Dunno.
It’s Tony Moly’s ‘Latte Art Milk-Tea Morning Pack’. Basically it’s a concentrated Skin Whitening & anti-wrinkle system cream. This cream is a make-up starter for ideal facial expression which actually really works for me though. I use this after I use my toner. Then I use my moisturizer and my face powder/compact powder. I don’t really use much on my face since my face is really oily and this is for short trips outside. When I attend weddings and such, then I use my BB cream which is another product of Tony Moly but I’ll get to that maybe in another post.

*Following content taken off the box* TONYMOLY Latte Art Milk-Tea Morning Pack This creamy pack type make-up starter is speedy skin boosting primer with instant moisture veil, hy…

August, Pretty Much Summed Up

Less Eating, Less Everything